DocMaster II

DocMaster II 2.1.1

DocMaster is a documentation tool for C, C++, Java, Assembler,...

DocMaster is a documentation tool for C, C++, Java, Assembler, Basic,Fortran, COBOL, HTML and many other languages. DocMaster was written some time ago as a command line application.

This release is a windows GUI application. The basic idea behind DocMaster is to include for every function a standard header containing all sorts of information about thatprocedure/function.

The DocMaster program extracts these headersfrom the source file and puts them in an output file. Thisallows you to include the program documentation in the sourcecode and makes it unnecessary to maintain two documents.

DocMaster is such a program, however DocMaster has severaladditions as compared to other programs of this type. For one it can generate the documentation indifferent formats, ASCII, HTML, RTF, and LaTeX.

Another feature is that it automatically creates links within thedocument, and to other documents. It is also possible to includeparts of the source in you documentation, complete with links.

For instance it is possible to include the complete source codeof a function, and have the function names in the source point totheir documentation.

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